Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


One of the most insightful books!

Particularly I really liked his beautiful, poetic writing on many crossroads in history: the Cognitive Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution; the ancient hunter-gatherer life, the ideas on empires, the capitalism, acknowledge of ignorance (which ironically turned out to be the greatest discovery of human history– which lead to our development of scientific mindset..) and those long-distance expeditions for the uncharted parts.

The book has given me a bird’s eye view on world.

One thing I found interesting: The imagined orders that we Sapiens created influenced our desires. So what it means by “following your heart” when we make decisions? How do we separate the dominant myths that shape our desires from my “real” desire? Should the answer also begin with “the acknowledge of ignorance” on knowing ourselves?

Anyways, the belief in imagined reality/story telling ability of Sapiens– It is sort of a defining characteristic of Sapiens.